Species conservation around the world

Every day, species are disappearing off the face of our planet. But it’s not too late to act. By adopting meaningful measures, we can ensure the long-term preservation of many endangered animals. Zoo Berlin is part of a global network and is able to participate in projects all over the world with its species conservation programme Berlin World Wild – but only thanks to your support.

100% of the contributions we receive towards species conservation are channelled into the Zoo and Tierpark’s Berlin World Wild conservation programme.

We are raising awareness among local populations in northeastern India to gain their support for the protection of this rhino species. We also help fund scientific research into Indian rhinoceroses, as new findings contribute to the conservation of the animals in the wild.

The giant panda is under threat in its natural habitat in the mountain forests of China, where it has become increasingly difficult for the bears to find partners and food. We are committed to protecting pandas and funding measures like afforestation to expand and link up individual protected areas.

The okapi is only found in the forests of the DR Congo and is considered highly endangered. We support a research and conservation station in the Ituri forest in north-eastern Congo. In addition to the measures to protect the okapi, our project partners are building community centres for the local population, where environmental education, among other things, is carried out.


Zoo and Tierpark’s Berlin World Wild conservation programme

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