The Zoologische Gärten Berlin have been an established institution in this city for many decades. Aquarium Berlin has served as a unique retreat for entire generations in easy but also difficult times in life. The deep solidarity of the supporters is based on countless beautiful zoo memories that many people still have in their hearts to this day.

Any support on the careful path to a modern zoological facility while preserving the historical heritage is very welcome. As a non-profit stock corporation dedicated to the species conservation, Zoologische Gärten Berlin are exempt from inheritance tax. Therefore, the Aquarium Berlin and its animals can particularly benefit.

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Arranging your own estate is a very personal matter. There is a lot to consider with this emotional issue.

We would be happy to inform you in a personal meeting.

Christian Waibel
Hardenbergplatz 8
10787 Berlin

Email: c.waibel@zoo-berlin.de



Animal rescue!

The Earth is home to an incredibly rich and diverse variety of species. But every year, thousands of species disappear from our planet forever. Help us put a stop to species extinction. It’s not too late, and every donation helps.

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Today, 22. July
9:00 - 18:00
Last admission: 17:00
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  • Crocodile talk 11:00
  • Arapaimas & pacus 13:30
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