Whether you feel an affinity for the graceful blacktip reef shark, the colourful clownfish, or the primeval-looking rhinoceros iguana, everyone is sure to find their favourite creature to sponsor at Aquarium Berlin. From ants to spectacled caimans, there are animals in almost every size, weight and price category just waiting for a sponsor.

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    • Black Spotted Stingrays
      from 250 €
    • Orange clownfish
      from 100 €
    • Palette surgeonfish
      from 150 €
    • Frill-necked lizards
      from 120 €
    • Blacktip reef sharks
      from 750 €
    • Leopard morays
      from 300 €
    • Pygmy short-horned lizards
      from 150 €
    • Compass jellyfish
      from 100 €
    • Rhinoceros iguanas
      from 250 €
    • Side-neck turtles
      from 150 €
    • Piranhas
      from 150 €
    • Big-belly Seahorses
      from 100 €
    • Fiji banded iguanas
      from 250 €
    • Nurse shark
      from 1000 €
    • Radiated tortoises
      from 200 €
    • Yacare caimans
      from 500 €
    • Womas
      from 250 €
    • Blue-tongued skinks
      from 120 €
    • Macleay’s spectres
      from 100 €
    • Mantis
      from 120 €
    • Dollarfish
      from 120 €
    • Leafcutter ants
      from 250 €
    • Pakus
      from 250 €
    • Short-snouted seahorses
      from 100 €
    • Horseshoe crabs
      from 150 €
    • Arapaimas
      from 400 €
    • Gangesgavial
      from 1500 €
    • Savu-Inselpythons
      from 250 €
    • Mudskipper
      from 100 €
    • Chilean fire tarantulas
      from 100 €
    • Axolotl
      from 100 €
    • Blue-poison Dart Frogs
      from 100 €
    • Front cichlids
      from 150 €
    • Fire salamanders
      from 100 €
    • Red-bellied short-necked turtles
      from 150 €

      • Frequently asked questions

      • What is a sponsorship?

        A sponsorship is a donation that supports the daily work of Zoo Berlin / Aquarium Berlin / Tierpark Berlin and helps ensure the wellbeing of the animals. As a thank you for their support, sponsors receive a certificate of sponsorship and are invited once a year to an exclusive summer sponsors’ evening. In addition, all sponsors are kept up to date with news from the Zoo, Aquarium and Tierpark with the biannual ZooMomente magazine for friends and supporters.

      • How long does a sponsorship last?

        An animal or tree sponsorship automatically ends after one year, while all bench sponsorships have a duration of five years. Sponsorships can be renewed at any time. You will receive a reminder shortly before your sponsorship expires.

        You can also save yourself the time of manually renewing your sponsorship by setting up a standing order. This effectively makes your sponsorship unlimited until you choose to end it.

      • Which animals can be sponsored?

        In principle, any species can be sponsored. Only the “celebrities” like the gorillas, rhinos, elephants, etc. are limited to one sponsor each.

      • Can I sponsor one specific animal?

        Generally, a sponsorship applies to an entire species. Exclusive sponsorships for individual animals are available for some of the larger inhabitants as part of a premium sponsorship.

      • How can I give a sponsorship as a gift?

        We are delighted that you would like to gift a sponsorship! Simply complete this online form. The certificate will be sent to you automatically so that you can present it to the recipient in person.

      • How do I receive my sponsorship certificate?

        You will be sent the certificate via email as a PDF document as soon as you have filled out the sponsorship form and concluded the process. On request, the certificate can also be sent by post.

      • Will my name be displayed next to the habitat of my sponsored animal(s)?

        Only premium sponsorships include a special thank you displayed next to the sponsored animals’ habitat. A special thank you is only displayed next to the sponsored animals’ habitat for sponsorships of €500 or more per year.

      • Am I granted free entry to the Aquarium as a sponsor or donor?

        Sponsorships and donations are intended to benefit the animals and help with the maintenance of the grounds. Therefore, sponsors and donors do not receive free admission, as this would greatly reduce the impact of the financial support provided.

      • Are donations and sponsorship payments tax deductible?

        Yes, all donations made to Aquarium Berlin are tax deductible.

      • When do I receive my donation receipt?

        For one-off donations of up to €300, you do not need a donation receipt; up to this amount, German tax offices accept the cash deposit slip or transfer confirmation from your bank as proof of the donation. For donations of €300 or more, a donation receipt will automatically be sent to you by post in the spring of the following year. Receipts cannot be sent via email.

        Please note that donation receipts can only be issued in the name of the account holder.


      Our way of saying thank you:

      • A personalised sponsorship certificate and two issues of the supporters’ magazine ZooMomente
      • An invitation to our exclusive summer sponsors’ evening
      • A donation receipt, which you will receive at the beginning of the next calendar year and which is tax deductible

      We will be pleased to advise you in detail about a matching sponsored animal!

      Still got questions?

      Julia Sodtke and her team will be happy to answer your questions by email to helfen@zoo-berlin.de or by telephone:

      Monday to Friday 9.30-16 o'clock on +49 30 25401 - 290

      • Electric eels

        149 €
        149 €1000 €
        • Exclusive visit to the sponsored animals - we contact you with date suggestions
        • A personalised sponsorship certificate and two issues of the supporters’ magazine ZooMomente
        • An invitation to our exclusive summer sponsors’ evening
        Become a sponsor now!
      • Gift donation

        10 €
        10 €1000 €

        You can download your certificate of support as a PDF after completion and personalise it yourself.

        Become a sponsor now!

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