Our fuzzy, scaly, and armour-plated inhabitants have a big appetite. Help Aquarium Berlin keep its crocodiles and co. well fed.

Help keep our animals warm

Despite having thick fur or dense plumage, most animals at the Zoo need additional help to keep warm in the winter. We are doing everything we can to stop our clownfish, crocodiles, etc. getting cold ears, toes and noses in these challenging times.

We warmly welcome any donations to help us do that.

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Donate a food basket

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    You can basically be a sponsor of any animal. Be inspired here.

    Our Animals

    Or put together a food basket of your choice.

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    2Select an ingredient
    Ferns3 €
    Grasses2 €
    Fruits3 €
    Fish8 €
    Vegtables3 €
    Octopuses4 €
    Grapes4 €
    Jellyfish7 €
    Bamboo10 €

    Support our donation projects

    • Take a leaf out of the ants’ book

      Community-minded ants do a great job of showing us that great things can be achieved when everyone chips in. Aquarium Berlin may currently be closed to visitors, but its busy leafcutter ants are still hard at work – as are all the staff at the Zoo, Aquarium and Tierpark. Aquarium Berlin, which has been a well-loved fixture in the city for more than a century, welcomes donations during this difficult time.

      I want to help

    We support innovative species conservation projects from Brandenburg to Madagascar.

    I want to help

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    IBAN: DE84 1004 0000 0661 2345 00

    Still got questions?

    Are you interested in a sponsorship or would you like to give one as a present?

    Don't hesitate and simply write an email to the address Maximilian Benatar and his team will be happy to answer your questions also by telephone monday to friday 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. on +49 30 25401 - 290.

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