The realm of reptiles

On the first floor of Aquarium Berlin, you are transported to the lost world of the tyrannosaurus rex and the triceratops. The iguanas, turtles and geckos that live here bear a striking resemblance to their extinct relatives and are sure to be a hit with dino fans. Meanwhile, goosebumps are guaranteed when you set eyes on our venomous snakes and constrictors. Their smooth bodies and supple movements are hypnotising, and the mere sight of these stealthy predators is enough to give you chills. 

With a bit of luck, you might catch sight of the chameleon next door in the midst of a colour change. And at the heart of the Aquarium, in the glass-walled Tropical Hall, visitors face a small test of bravery: Who dares to cross the wooden bridge over the crocodile river?

The animal residents here include:

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