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Aquarium Berlin in the heart of Berlin is one of Europe’s best-known and most notable aquariums. Behind the building’s historic façade awaits an impressive diversity of species that few facilities in the world can rival. The Aquarium not only houses numerous extraordinary fish, it is also home to hundreds of impressive reptiles and insects.

Important message

Aquarium is closed

The spacious Zoo Berlin remains open regularly. As a precautionary measure to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, the Aquarium is closed to visitors.

Aquarium News


Gang of four

Two new female sharks have moved into Aquarium Berlin

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Aquarium blog

Waste as far as the eye can see

An aquarium tank full of marine litter shows the tragic reality of our oceans.

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Evening tours of Zoo Berlin
24.4.2020 | 18:30
Our after-work tours allow you to experience the zoo after the gates close. You can learn the answers to questions like “Do all the zoo animals go inside...

In water and on land, mysterious creatures are waiting to be discovered. Plunge into the fascinating world of jellyfish, lizards and gardener ants, and get acquainted with some of the animal kingdom’s weirdest and most wonderful shapes and colours.

The numerous events at Aquarium Berlin are an occasion to remember for children and adults alike. Watch one of our commentated feeding sessions, join a torchlight tour exploring the Aquarium in the dark, or celebrate an unforgettable children’s birthday party.