No exception to the mask requirement

In order to contain the further spread of infections caused by the coronavirus and to protect guests and employees, a mouth and nose covering is required in the aquarium without exception. Please understand that you cannot be exempted from this requirement even with a medical certificate.

In accordance with current Berlin Senate rules, visitors must wear a nose and mouth covering in all queues in the entrance areas of the Aquarium.

Tickets & Prices

Whether you're visiting alone, as part of a group, with your class or with the whole family – young and old will find the most suitable ticket for a visit to the Aquarium.

Day tickets

Tickets Aquarium Zoo & Aquarium
Adults Aquarium 16,00 € Zoo & Aquarium 22,00 €
4 up to 15 years
Aquarium 8,00 € Zoo & Aquarium 11,00 €
students aged 16+, apprentices, ALG I + II recipients, the severely disabled
Aquarium 11,00 € Zoo & Aquarium 16,00 €

Buy your ticket online    Buy your ticket at the ticket machine of the BVG

Annual Tickets

Tickets 3 in 1-KombiCard Aquarium & Zoo Aquarium only
Adults 3 in 1-KombiCard 99,00 € Zoo & Aquarium 77,00 € Aquarium only 55,00 €
4 up to 15 years
3 in 1-KombiCard 55,00 € Zoo & Aquarium 39,00 € Aquarium only 29,00 €
Small Families
includes 1 adult and his/her own children resp. children living at the same postal address (ages 4–15)
3 in 1-KombiCard 133,00 € Zoo & Aquarium 99,00 € Aquarium only 66,00 €
Large Families
includes both parents (also same-sex) and their own children resp. children living at the same postal address (ages 4 – 15)
3 in 1-KombiCard 199,00 € Zoo & Aquarium 155,00 € Aquarium only 111,00 €
students, apprentices, ALG I+II recipients, the severely disabled and their accompa-niment, accompaniment if explicitly required on the disabled visitor’s ID
3 in 1-KombiCard 88,00 € Zoo & Aquarium 66,00 € Aquarium only 44,00 €

Where can I buy an annual ticket?

Annual tickets for the Zoo Berlin and the Aquarium Berlin can be bought at the ServiceCenter at the lion gate entrance.

When can I buy an annual ticket?

You can purchase an annual ticket during the opening times of the ServiceCenter.

Opening times
January 1st - February 27th: 9:00 am - 4:30 pm
February 28th - March 26th: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
March 27th - September 24th: 9:00 am - 6:30 pm
September 25th - October 29th: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
October 30th - December 31st: 9:00 am - 4:30 pm

Important details concerning the purchase of an annual ticket

All family members must be present when applying for an annual family ticket. The ticket is individually personalised to the holder with a digital photo and is transferred to such a person directly. You're not obliged to bring your own photo for the ticket. We can do this on-site. Please note that annual tickets are non-transferable.

Additional advantages for annual ticket holders

Owners of annual tickets for the Zoo, Aquarium or the Tierpark get a 50 % discount off the regular daily entrance prices of the other facilities for the duration that they hold the card!


Do you still have questions?
You are more than welcome to contact us using our contact form.

Group Tickets

Tickets Aquarium Zoo & Aquarium
Group Adults
20 adults and more
Aquarium 14,50 €
per person
Zoo & Aquarium 19,00 €
per person
Group Children/Classes*
10 children and more
Aquarium 7,00 €
per person
Zoo & Aquarium 9,00 €
per person

Evidence of enrollment (PDF)

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