Questions and answers concerning your visit to the Aquarium Berlin.

Are there any luggage storage facilities at the Aquarium?

Unfortunately this is not the case. The Zoo's station situated nearby provides lockers for luggage storage.

Can a Combi-ticket for the Zoo and Aquarium be used on different days?

No. The Combi-ticket only allows access to both the Zoo and Aquarium on the same day, and without you being able to leave the premises.

Why can't you buy family or discounted entrance tickets in the online shop?

Since a corresponding form of ID is required for purchasing family and discounted entrance tickets, these tickets can only be bought at our regular ticket offices at the entrances.

Can I give my annual ticket to relatives or friends to use?

No. Our extended tickets are personalised and are exclusively for the use of the ticket holder. Our admittance staff reserve the right to cancel the validity of the ticket should there be evidence of failure to observe the terms of use.

Can I bring along my dog to the Zoo/Aquarium?

No. It is forbidden to take animals into the Zoo and Aquarium in principle. Instead, we would like to recommend a visit to the larger-sized Tierpark Berlin (www.tierpark-berlin.de). You are able to bring dogs on leashes into here. Tierpark Berlin, with an area of 160 hectares, is the largest landscaped animal park in Europe and is one of the most beautiful places to visit for a day out in our city with over 7,000 animals.

May I take photos in the Aquarium?

You may film and take photos in the Aquarium Berlin for personal use. Details on publishing your photos may be found in the next subpoint.

You may not bring any additional means of illumination with you (except for the conventional flash). We ask you to keep your flashes to a minimum while in the fish section on the ground floor. Thus, using a flash when in the company of the deep-sea fish, is not permitted.

Can I place photos on my own Web page or on social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram)?

You may do so for personal purposes. For commercial purposes, we ask you to please get in touch with us directly (presse@noSpamzoo-berlin.de). You are also very welcome to send us a particularly nice shot (socialmedia@noSpamzoo-berlin.de). It may even find its way onto our own Facebook page.

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