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Zoo Berlin with its Aquarium, as the oldest zoo in Germany, has developed into one of the most species-rich zoos in the world: We have around 1,300 types of species, some of them critically endangered, and 20,000 individual creatures. Species protection and conservation and the steady improvement of the habitats of our animals form the basis of our work. As a non-profit institution, we wouldn't have been able to realise nearly as much without financial help. It is thanks to your donations that we are able to maintain the unique biodiversity in the Zoo and Aquarium Berlin for many generations to come too.

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We are able to finance much more than just the food and care of our animals with the donations of our sponsors. All aquaria and tanks are maintained and structurally adapted in accordance with the latest insights of modern animal management. We have a lot on our agenda at Zoo Berlin for the future.

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Protect species diversity

The earth was once a place of biodiversity and diverse life. However, many plant and animal species are endangered in the wild – and the IUCN Red List is getting longer each year.

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