Do not approach – fanged and dangerous

[Translate to Englisch:] Schwarze Witwe Aquarium Berlin

 Toughened glass, several different locks, and video surveillance: our European black widow is just one centimetre long and yet she is the most heavily guarded creature in the whole of Aquarium Berlin – perhaps even in the entire city.

European black widow Tessa has been on display since the summer. Because the female of this spider species has such a venomous bite, Zoo Director Dr Andreas Knieriem decided to put stringent security measures in place. “Visiting the Aquarium should be an exciting experience,” said Knieriem, “which is why we’re pleased our visitors get to see a black widow. But security is our top priority, as a bite from this spider is no laughing matter.”

[Translate to Englisch:] Schwarze Witwe im Aquarium Berlin hinter Sicherheitsglas
[Translate to Englisch:] Schwarze Witwe im Aquarium Berlin hinter Sicherheitsglas

Spider surveillance

The black widow lives in a terrarium made of toughened glass. Only the section’s head keeper Robert Seuntjens and a few of his staff have access to the terrarium. Inside is a second box, which is the actual home of our leggy black widow Tessa. “The small separate box is there so we can better display the spider,” says Seuntjens. “Otherwise our visitors would never be able to find such a small creature. And the same would go for the staff, too. It would only be a matter of time before somebody got bitten.”

Tessa lives surrounded by exotic insects and spiders from all over the world on the third floor of Aquarium Berlin – high above the reptiles and past the unique jellyfish breeding area. A video camera records which keeper enters the terrarium when (the camera does not film the visitor area). In addition, a close record is kept of every time the box is opened. Why all this fuss over such an incy-wincy creature?

Vicious venom

Although the venom of the European black widow is not as toxic as that of its more southerly relatives, a bite from Tessa and her ilk should not be underestimated. Muscle rigidity, increased blood pressure, rapid pulse, severe sweating, stomach cramps and headache are just some of the symptoms caused by the bite of a female European black widow. The venom is very rarely fatal, but there have been instances of death by respiratory paralysis. The black widow is not an aggressive species and does not attack unprovoked – only if she feels threatened or trapped.

Black widow habitats

Black widows live in relatively dry areas such as steppes. The European variety is at home anywhere with sparse vegetation – chiefly in Spain, France (especially Corsica), Italy, Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania and the Black Sea coast.

Black widows spend their lives close to the ground, where they feed primarily on beetles and other insects that get caught in their webs.

She’s a man-eater!

The black widow got its name from its deadly mating ritual. After copulation, the female may consume the far smaller male – thus making a “widow” of herself. Although in actual fact, only around 12 percent of male black widows meet this fate. 

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27.12.2019Assignment Help

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27.12.2019Epson Support

Are you in the need of printing while reserving your mind in document reading even though not connected to computer and other resembling device? Well, you should not feel irritate as Epson printer comes into real time existence. If you do not aware of quality way of doing its work, then you can ask the suggestion of expert through dialing Epson support. This printing device has equipped with certain amazing features that offers the high resolution printing service. One should have to take the association of expert in case something goes wrong with Epson printing device. There is no need to feel upset as Epson printer does not let you to work in forward direction. Feel free to move in forward direction.


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14.12.2019What is Microsoft office 365?

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10.12.2019ISO certification in Delhi

ISO certification in Delhi is an international standard for quality management, applicable to any organization from all types of well-established industries worldwide as a quality management system precious. Provide a structure to take an organized approach to manage your business processes to meet the quality requirements and also help your organization improve your business processes to compete globally. Its goal is to provide a quality management system that will benefit your organization to help effectively manage your business and implement the best method of practice. ISO approval will give your organization the quality systems that provide the authority to better customer satisfaction, staff motivation, and continual improvement.

10.12.2019Networking Assignment Help

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10.12.2019HP Printer In Error State

What will you do in case your favorite selected HP printer does not provide the most essential result to you? Generally, it is the tendency of many people that they would have to seek the clear and cut cause for the existence of this error. One should have to get the impeccable remedy of <a href="">Hp printer in error state</a>. Presence of this error indicates that you cannot find out the most expected set of printing and scanning incidence. In case you suffer from the wide range of technical problem for the long time, then you can consult to our HP printer technical team. They do not make any lame excuse as eradication of problem is main priority. Hence, it is advised that you would have to consult our HP Printer technical team in emergency case.

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07.10.2019cleaning companies dubai

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03.07.2019cleaning companies dubai

Working on home huge cleaning will involve special appliances and skills. Although it is typically done through a DIY activity, the expertise from the property repairs and maintenance company would make it possible for the job would be done not surprisingly and would meet your requirements. As amongst the leading huge cleaning vendors in Dubai, we obtain state-of-the-art software and materials that will not only definitely clean the but also keep up with the integrity for the furniture and additionally fixtures.