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She’s a man eater!

Myths abound about the praying mantis. Ancient civilisations regarded it as supernatural, in cartoons it is depicted as a femme fatale, there is a martial art style called “Praying Mantis”, and in Japan the insect symbolises patience and vigilance. This blog article will explore the praying mantis’s unique characteristics and lifestyle – and perhaps debunk a few misconceptions.

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Shaking snakes!

Each year, some visitors to Aquarium Berlin express their concern about one of our snakes. They tell staff members that an Indian python seems to be suffering from constant hiccups. There it sits, coiled up in its terrarium on the first floor, its whole body convulsing at short, regular intervals.

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Kaleidoscopic creatures

The reptile kingdom boasts many weird and wonderful creatures of all different shapes and colours. One of the most intriguing has to be the chameleon. This blog entry reveals the secret behind how this bizarre and beautiful beast changes colour, and offers up plenty more fascinating facts besides.

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