Tours and experiences for children

    Children’s birthdays

    A day at the Aquarium turns every children’s birthday party into an adventure, with sharks, crocodiles and much more to discover! A range of different tours provide exciting peeks behind the scenes, and unique animal experiences make birthday wishes come true.


    Children’s tours

    Set off on a special tour of discovery through Aquarium Berlin with one of our guides. Get ready to learn exciting animal facts, complete with exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpses of daily life at the Aquarium – and, of course, the odd surprise or two!

    • Taster tour

      Explore the Aquarium’s three floors and learn all about individual species and their unique features in a fun way.

      For children aged: 5-7


    • Specialist tour

      Ideal for “Aquarium regulars”, this tour takes a closer look at our animal inhabitants. How do creatures breathe underwater? Who are the best swimmers? And who is the greatest master of disguise?

      For children aged: 8+


    • Fast and ferocious

      Animals have developed a wide range of hunting strategies to get their food. But who is the most skilled hunter? And who is best at hiding from their enemies? Find out on this tour!

      For children aged: 8+

      All at a glance!

      • No. of participants

        Max. 12 Persons (10 children / 2 adults)

        The majority of the participants must be children, but there must be at least one accompanying adult.

        Please note the recommended ages for each tour. Each tour is carefully adapted to the specific age group.

      • Duration

        approx. 75 min.

      • Language

        German or English; other languages can sometimes be arranged upon request

      • Price

        €75 (plus admission)

      • Booking

        To ensure you can reserve your preferred date and time, please send a booking request at least 14 days in advance or even earlier for weekend bookings. The following info is needed to book an appointment:

        • name, address and phone number
        • expected number of persons
        • desired date and alternative date
        • Desired tour
      • Are you interested in booking?

        Contact us at

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        Torchlight tours

        With each step along the darkened corridors, torchlight illuminates fascinating creatures to the left and right. Grab your torches and follow an experienced guide on an exciting night-time tour of Aquarium Berlin!

        All at a glance!

        • Children’s night-time tours

          For families and individuals

        • Dates

          Restarting in autumn...

        • Duration

          approx. 90 min.

        • Meeting point

          Aquarium entrance on Budapester Str.

        • Price

          Participants must be aged 6 or above.

          €19.50 per person (adults and children)

          Note: We also offer “Aqua nights” tours for adults without accompanying children.

        • Booking

          Tickets will go on sale again as soon as dates are confirmed.

          Please note: Don’t forget to bring your own torch! (Head torches are not permitted.)

        • Exclusive torchlight tours

          A special shared experience for groups

        • Preise

          €220 per group plus half-price admission for each participant

          A minimum of two groups must be booked for each exclusive tour.

        • Time, etc.

          The tour sets off at 6:15 p.m. from the Aquarium entrance on Budapester Str. Everything else can be decided according to your individual requirements. In general, a tour lasts around 90 minutes.

        • Booking

          Our exclusive torchlight tours can be booked from October to mid-March.

          To ensure you can reserve your preferred date and time, please send a booking request at least 14 days in advance or even earlier for weekend bookings.

        • Any questions?

          Contact us at or call +49 (0)30 2540 1400.

        Puzzlehunt forms

        There are many ways to explore Aquarium Berlin – including completing a puzzlehunt on your own! Simply print out one of the following puzzlehunt forms and let the game begin!

        Please note: Due to construction work, it is possible that you will not be able to access all areas to answer all questions.

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