Snakes at the Aquarium Berlin

You can get right within touching distance to so many different species of snakes at the Aquarium – through secure glass panes, of course. Observe the smaller snakes, the huge anacondas or diverse pythons. Do you remember 'Kaa' the snake from The Jungle Book? Well, experts suggest that Kaa is in fact a python. Come and visit our pythons, such as the green tree python. And don't worry, neither ours, nor any other snakes possess hypnotic abilities.

These snake highlights await you:

Face to face with the anaconda

Yellow anaconda

The yellow anacondas, which can live to be up to 350 cm long, have their homes from southern Brazil to northern Argentina. Adapted to life in the water, the positioning of the eyes and the nostrils enable them to see and breathe with the head being almost completely submerged. The habitat of the yellow anaconda comprises of open areas in moist forests and vegetation-rich nearshore marine environments of different bodies of water. They remain mostly at ground level when on land and they are excellent swimmers and divers while in water. As they lie in wait to pounce, they grab their prey, entwine themselves around it and choke it to death. Their species of prey include mammals, fish, birds and reptiles.


Green tree python

Adapted to their habitat – they lurk in rain forests from New Guinea to northern Australia, waiting for their prey while rolled around branches – the 1.80 m long boa constrictors remain slim and rarely exceed 1.5 kg in weight.

Dark tiger python

With a length reaching up to 6 m and a weight of more than 90 kg, the dark tiger python is one of the biggest snakes in the world. The snake, which is mostly active during dusk and in the night, prefers to live on the forest floors in large parts of tropical Asia.

More interesting details about our snakes can be found in the animal lexicon.