The forest with a glass ceiling

You may also notice many plants surrounding the tropical habitats of our animals while on your visit – around 250 different species of plant can be observed in the Zoo-Aquarium. You'll only experience a tropical climate yourselves here in our crocodile hall because it is only here that visitors have immediate access. Many plants feel so at home here that they set seed and subsequently reproduce. We then take some saplings into our greenhouse to turn them into great looking palms.

Sophisticated technology ensures the correct weather


All plant areas are provided with a controlled sprinkler system. The landscape systems in the new building also feature a humidification system to get the tropical conditions as authentic as possible. The crocodile hall is also fitted with a fogging system, which, in addition to the necessary atmospheric humidity, also ensures a tropical feel.

The green house – plant nursery and clinic together


The greenhouse integrated into the Zoo-Aquarium consists of a cold house for plants of temperate climate zones and a larger hot house for plants from the tropics and subtropics. Some of the terrestrial and aquatic plants in the aquaria and tanks have been cultivated here by seeding or cuttings.

The animals are anything but shy with the plants in their enclosure – plants are often nibbled, grazed or brought back to the greenhouse with broken branches. Thanks to the climate which prevails there and the very particular care from our team of specialist ornamental gardeners, the plants, that are deformed to a greater or lesser extent, usually recover enough to be transplanted once again into the public areas