Clownfish at the Aquarium Berlin

Find Nemo in the Aquarium Berlin

The clownfish, named so because of their striking orange-black-white colouring, also known as anemonefish, are waiting for you on the ground floor. The approx. 8-cm-small fish, made famous world-wide thanks to the 'Finding Nemo' movie hit, belongs to the damselfish family. Its habitat stretches from the eastern Indian Ocean up to the Western Pacific. Living in coral reefs, they dwell close to or even within sea anemones, which cause them no harm thanks to a natural trick they employ and in some cases even offer them natural protection against predators.

The clownfish that live in the Aquarium Berlin are usually kept together with a sea anemone. This primarily serves to maintain the welfare of the fish but, on the other hand, also enables our visitors to observe and experience the most natural behavioural pattens of the clownfish up close.

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