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History of the Aquarium Berlin

As the successor of the former Berliner Aquarium Unter den Linden Ecke Schadowstrase, the Aquarium of the Association of Zoological Gardens was built in Berlin during 1911–1913 on Budapester Strasse. The former management assistant and future custodian of the new institute, Dr Oskar Heinroth, was tasked with the drawing up of the plans.

The new Aquarium was opened on 18 August 1913. The first years were not spectacular due to the First World War and the subsequent dire economic conditions during the inflation years. From 1923 onwards however, the Aquarium developed into the most species-rich institute of its kind in the world until the outbreak of the Second World War.

On the night of 23 November to 24 November 1943, the 30-year-old Aquarium was almost completely destroyed by a direct bomb hit on the crocodile hall.

After many years of reconstruction, it was to the delight of many that the radiant Aquarium in its new splendor was able to once again be opened to the public in the presence of the then Governing Mayor of Berlin, Dr Richard von Weizsäcker on 20 August 1983, almost 70 years to the day after it first opened.

Investor Relations

Dear Sir or Madam,

Here you have access to both the latest annual report and the statutes of our AG.
Even the visitors to our Web pages who do not have any of the very few shares, can find out more about us.

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Shareholders' meeting

Invitation to the shareholders' meeting 2016
Einladung_Hauptversammlung_2016_Zoo_Berlin_AG.pdf 52 KByte
Shareholders' meeting registration form 2016
Anmeldeformular_Anmeldeformular_HV_2016_Zoo_Berlin_AG.pdf 56 KByte
Information about registration for the shareholders' meeting 2016
Informationen_zur_Anmeldung_Hauptversammlung_2016_Zoo_Berlin_AG.pdf 24 KByte
Annual financial statement 2015
Jahresabschluss_2015_Zoologischer_Garten_Berlin_AG.pdf 216 KByte
Hauptversammlung 28.06.2016 - Gegenantrag zu TOP 6
Hauptversammlung_28.06.2016_-_Gegenantrag_zu_TOP_6.pdf 24 KByte

Company reports

Geschäftsbericht 2015
Geschaeftsbericht_2015_Zoo_Berlin.pdf 6,8 MByte
Geschäftsbericht 2014
Geschaeftsbericht_2014_Zoo_Berlin.pdf 5,1 MByte
Jahresabschluss 2013
Jahresabschluss_2013_Zoologischer_Garten_Berlin_AG.pdf 1.1 MByte
Jahresabschluss 2012
Zoo_Berlin_AG_JA_2012.pdf 1.1 MByte
Jahresabschluss 2011
Jahresabschluss_2011_Zoo_Berlin_AG.pdf 3.4 MByte

Declaration regarding the German Corporate Governance Code

Declaration regarding the German Corporate Governance Code 2014<br/>Zoo_DCGK_2009.pdf 49 KByte Download
Declaration regarding the German Corporate Governance Code 2013<br/>Zoo_DCGK_2013.pdf 47 KByte Download
Declaration regarding the German Corporate Governance Code 2012<br/>Zoo_DCGK_2012.pdf 46 KByte Download
Declaration regarding the German Corporate Governance Code 2011<br/>Zoo_DCGK_2011.pdf 47 KByte Download
Declaration regarding the German Corporate Governance Code 2010<br/>Zoo_DCGK_2010.pdf 47 KByte Download

Statutes of the Zoologischer Garten Berlin AG

Statutes dated 13 June 2013<br/>Satzung_Zoo_Berlin_AG_i.d.F._vom_13._Juni_2013.pdf 62 KByte Download
Implementation regulations governing the duration of admission right in zoological institutions of the Zoologischer Garten Berlin AG<br/>Zoo_Berlin_AG_Durchfuehrungsbestimmungen_fuer_Erwerb_Dauereintrittsrecht.pdf 44 KByte Download